Moraine Lake & Fairview Mountain Aug 28/2011


It was an absolutely blue bird day with no clouds in the sky as we headed out to the Lake Louise area to enjoy a nice day hike. I met with my two clients in Banff we decided to attempt to see two places in once day. First off was a brief stop for photos at Moraine Lake, the sun was just rising onto the aquamarine lake and we got quite a clear view into the Valley of the ten peaks.

From there we returned back towards Lake Louise and started up the trail towards the saddleback pass. The flowers were out in late summer form, lots of green plants for the marmots and picas that we saw to feed on. Also those bold Clark's Nutcrackers were all around this day, might have been looking for snacks.

We had a nice lunch at the pass, then worked out way to the summit of Fairview, all rock but the trail was in good condition.

By almost the top, we had one party member take a break as myself and the remaining client made our way to the top. It was worth the effort as the views were 360 degrees to Lake Louise and onwards towards Jasper.

It was a perfect day for some nice warm higher alpine zone hiking. The summer is not too long here but days like this are what we live for!

James Robb
YMT Guide
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Commented by 真鍋裕子 at 2011-08-31 22:34 x
数年前にMoraine Lake を見てすごく感動したので、今回は自分の足で歩きながらこのあたりをハイキングしたい!ということで、ラーチバレーに興味を持ちましたが、入山規制があるとのこと。そこで今回、jamesさんが私たちの希望を聞いて、ここを選んでくださいました。Moraine Lake にまで立ち寄っていただけると思っていなかったので、うれしかったです。
本当にいい天気に恵まれ、頂上からの景色はものすごく雄大で、あんなに遠く見えていたMt.Templeが間近に見え、Lake Louise があんなに奥深くまで続いているのが見え。何より360度のパノラマ。「ここまで連れてきてくれてありがとう」の気持ちでいっぱいでした。
Commented by ジェームス・ロブ at 2011-09-13 07:08 x
I'm glad to hear that you both had a great time on the hike. I was very happy to have been your guide and making it to the summit was a wonderful experience. I hope we can see you again at Yamnuska for some more fun hiking in the Rockies. All the best. ありがとうございました!

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