Lake O'Hara Aug 25/ 2011


Lake O'hara is a beautiful place at any time of the year, however today was surely one of the nicest days in terms of weather. We had some cool breezes blowing, some shade from the clouds and of course blue skies for the entire day! With Mr. and Mrs. Hata, who had not much hiking experience but were very interested in starting hiking we caught the bus up to the lodge at Lake O'Hara. We decided to head up to Opabin Plateau and Opabin Lake via the west route then descend via the east route.

Luckily we saw many cute marmots, ground squirrels, pikas and even a weasel! The marmots were very hungry eating lots of grass to get fat for winter hybernation.

It turned out to be such a nice day, a mellow pace of hiking and super views of many of the glaciers, lakes and mountains in the Lake O'Hara area!


James Robb
YMT Guide
by ymtours | 2011-08-27 02:55 | カナダの山旅 | Comments(0)

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