Yamnuska & Jura Creek: Aug 24/2011


Today was truly one of the hottest days we had this summer. The sun was beating down and it was a picture perfect day to head out hiking. I met up with the Yokoi family in Banff and we decided to drive out the front ranges of the Rockies to Mt. Yamnuska. Yamnuska is great because it is the very first mountain you can see when you come in from Calgary, so from the upper shoulder you can have a vantage point to see into the foothills and then farther east into the prairies.

We walked at a fairly leisurely pace up to the pass on the ridge then continued up to the shoulder where the vertical wall meets the forest. We had a nice lunch overlooking the Bow Valley and saw some nice flowers and a few golden mantled ground squirrels as well.

As it was very dry and hot day, I took everyone to a nice little canyon called Jura Creek. It was all carved by water and erosion and was great way to cool down and soak our feet. Some balancing skills were needed to keep your feet dry on the way in and out. By the end of the day everyone was tired but happy to have seen some wonderful places in the Bow Valley.

James Robb
YMT guide


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