Sunshine Meadows (Aug 14th, 2011)

It was a picture perfect day for hiking in the upper alpine meadows, the sun was shining and many animals (mostly Columbian ground squirrels) were out and playing in the green grass and flowers.
Today I met up with the Takahashi family who were travelling visiting their daughter Saya-chan. It was their first time really hiking in the Rockies and they were lucky to have great warm weather and some fantastic views.


We started from the ski area base lodge at Sunshine and then continued onto Rock Isle Lake, Grizzly Lake and Laryx Lake and finally onto the Standish Viewpoint. What was really interesting in this area as you hike from Alberta into BC, then into the Assinaboine Provincial Park and can see Mt. Assinaboine in the distance. We enjoyed a nice lunch (with some small visitors) at Grizzly Lake, then made it back for the 5:30PM bus back to the bottom of the ski hill. It was really great to be able to see so far and hike in high alpine terrain.




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