Lake O'Hara July 26th 2011

We arrived at the Lake O'Hara parking lot early on July 26th to catch the 8:30AM bus up to the lodge and lake. Although it looked a bit dark and cloudy we were ready and energized to hike around the area. I was guiding two nice women who had both been to Lake O'Hara before and were "veterans" of hiking in the Rockies.

We decided to head up to Lake Oesa as they had not been there yet and then continue onwards across the Yukeness Ledges to connect with Opabin East Trail. We had on and off rain in the morning and even had to set up a tarp for lunch at the lake.



After lunch at the lake we made our way across the alpine route of Yukeness Ledges and then the storm really came in! Fortunately we hid under a cliff that had a roof to wait out the heavy rain. Soon the sky opened up and we had some nice weather and sun! Great for some good views of the peaks and the lake below! We jumped on the 4:30 bus out and were all happy to have seen some new areas in the Lake O'Hara region.

James Robb
YMT Guide

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レイクオエサへのハイキングの日は天気が変わりやすく出発時はちょっと心配でしたが素晴らしい1日になりました。かわいい花を見つけ目的の湖の途中にもいくつもの湖を経ていろいろな湖の名を復習しながら、いざレイクオエサへ。 天気の具合で初めはかすんで見えたレイクオエサに陽があたると湖とそれ以外の境がわからない位、鏡のように映って限りなく澄んだ美しさでした。帰路には突然の激しい雨で岩陰にしばらくとどまるハプニングもありましたがジェームスさんの適切なガイドで不安なく戻ってくることができました。美しい景色を見ることはもちろん楽しみですが、なにより安全にガイドをしてもらうことも大切な事だと思います。ジェームスサンは安全面にも十二分に配慮を欠かさずとても信頼できました。ジェームスさん、素晴らしい1日をありがとうございました。Thank you James !!
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