Larch Valley (07/25)

If you have not seen the larches and view of the ten peaks from the alpine of Larch Valley, then you really have missed a real gem of the Canadian Rockies. On July 25th, myself and four clients (2 couples) went on a great day hike from Moraine Lake up the switchbacks to Larch Valley and the Minnestimma Lake. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were able to see the entire chain of the 10 peaks! Along the way we saw many many wild flowers (western anenome, indian paintbrush, etc.) and of course the ever present Columbian Ground Squirrels and Marmots! Super cute and not afraid of us humans.

After a leisurely lunch and some rock skipping we descended back to Moraine Lake and back to the town of Banff. It was another solid day of views and sunshine in the Rockies!

Thanks guys!

James Robb
YMT Guide


by ymtours | 2011-08-11 03:06 | カナダの山旅 | Comments(0)

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