Lake O'Hara July 5th 2011

An Epic Day at O'Hara!

What a spectacular day we had at Lake O'hara today. It was a blue sky day, no clouds and no wind (which is rare).

YMT Guide James and his 3 guests (Furukawa-san (2) from Kagoshima, and Iio-san (1) from Osaka were treated to wonderful views, great scenery and lots of wildlife too.

We hiked from Lake O'Hara to Opabin Plateau and then onwards to Opabin Lake via the high circuit loop going to the east decent route. We had a nice long lunch at Opabin Lake and had both Columbian ground Squirrels and Marmots come and check us out. Very close and they were not afraid. We even saw a snowshoe hare on the way up from Mary lake!

We enjoyed the sun, the blue skies and some snow walking too! We also saw many alpine buttercups and western anemone flowers!

After a nice day, we can really can see how Lake O'hara is one of the classic hiking areas in the Canadian Rockies!

James A. Robb
YMT Guide
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I returned to Japan yesterday. It is too hot in Tokyo.
We had a wonderful like with James and Iio-san. We were glad to have good courses based on our skills and physical strength. Some trails were in snow but James kindly navigated also guided how to walk. It had been impossible to hike by ourselves. We had long lunch in front of Opabin Lake. We enjoyed spending time surrounded by mountains as if we had been in a Rockey's arms. We really enjoyed Ohara area where we had wanted to go.
We want to go to Lake Oesa and McArthur. Early autumn may be good without snow.
We went Lake Minewanka where James told us by bicycle next day. We got tired but the lake and Cascade Pond were so beautiful. After that we hiked Johnston Canyon which also James told us.
We run into Iio-san in Banf.
We'd like to ask you to guide if we have next opportunities. Thank you so much!!
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Thank you very much for the wonderful comments everyone!
また、ハイキングしましょ! よろしくおねがいします。

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